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Cherche quelq'un à faire des reparations à mes flippers 86/79



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Reparations sur place svp à 30km au nord de Poitiers (86),Tours 1 heure,Thouars/Niort 45m.
Heavy metal meltdown et Kiss....pour commencer ! Petites problemes electrique.Je suis anglais - c'est dificile à expliquer le probleme en francais !


Big Boos
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Big Boos
Try it in English ;)

Explain me your problem ?


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HI heavy metal meltdown is a multiball - 1 ball is stuck at the bottom of the table - it has not been moved to the right and the flipper thinks the ball is still in play. The mechanism for moving the ball has a loose wire i think because for a few days i was able to touch things underneath and the ball would clear and the game would continue but now nothing happens. I hope you understand !


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Hi Mayflower,

I don't especially know this pinball, but it seems that the pinball doesn't see the ball as lost and it's probably a switch problem.

I suggest you to check thie switch in the red border of this pic :

(It's not a Heavy Metal Meltdown playfield but it's a same pinball genereation's playfield, so it should look similar).

Keep us informed ;)

Magniez Christophe

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La vache ! Le canard couine dans une autre langue ! :lol: Tu m'impressionnes là ! arfff
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